So it begins..

To sum it all up, I’m obsessed with food. The growing of it, harvesting, selecting, preparing, eating, the nourishment it provides, everything.

It all started with my little two-year-old self wandering downstairs at midnight and telling my mommy that I couldn’t sleep and was hungry. Being the wonderful mommy she is, she fixed me up some fried potatoes and onions. BOOM. My first truly discernible memory was born. Why it’s this that I remember more than anything else, I’m not quite sure but I do know that ever since then, my most vivid memories are of food. I think it’s because all the senses are involved: you smell it, you see it, you touch it, you taste it. Food is an experience. It’s the transmittal of nutrients, culture, love and so much more in one sitting.

I LOVE food. Everything about it fascinates me. The question of what is my favorite food is possibly one of the most difficult questions for me to answer. In general, I have trouble picking one favorite of anything. When it comes to food, this is doubly true. I can’t even tell you my favorite type of food to eat or make. What I can tell you is that although I’ve never even been on an airplane, I travel through my food. I read about its origins, its traditions and how it came to be used in a certain manner. I’ve been a lover of history my whole life, so its only natural that I approach food with this perspective.

While I could go on and on about my love for food in one post, I’ll refrain from doing so. The purpose of this blog is for me to organize my thoughts including but not limited to: discoveries, , recipes, meals, frustations, ramblings, etc.

For now, I’ll conclude with a little free-verse poetry from yours truly.

From A Foodie

A pan, a pot.
An ingredient put to knife.
Still the endless working, commuting.
Thinking, so much thinking.
To make, to create.
The nourishment of our bodies
created by my hands.
Combining, crafting
To dance upon your palette,
To fill your stomach
and feed your soul.
Give you health, strengthen
muscle and bone.
Energy, comfort.
A time to relax and enjoy.
The goodness from the ground,
that walks the earth, flies the sky
or swims the sea.
All the history, stories, culture.
Ideas of those who came before
an amalgam with the here and now.
This sustaining of life.




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