Bulletproof Coffee


The latest craze, bulletproof coffee, which is essentially buttered coffee, was one I had to try. I’m a huge proponent of using butter in one’s daily diet, in moderation of course. Although, as a child I would often get caught sneaking butter from the refrigerator to snack on. Shame, I know. Nowadays, I refrain from butter snacking, only snagging a small taste if I’m cooking with butter.

Back to bulletproof. This buttery coffee drink is supposed to boost brain function aka energy and concentration. This kind of makes sense since the brain requires fats to properly function. (An interesting phenom to read up on is “grain brain.”) This miraculous beverage is also supposed to keep hunger at bay, therefore curbing overeating.

I whipped up a dose at 6 this morning and I must say that I like it. I’m typically a coffee purist, drinking only black coffee. However, I must say that I enjoy the taste. I used a dash of cinnamon in mine and I have to admit that the coffee flavor has not been diminished. Whether or not my focus will be increased, I have yet to find out. I always have a piece of fruit and a cup of black coffee for breakfast once at work so the results are to be determined.


Bulletproof Coffee
1 c black coffee
1 T butter (grass-fed organic is best)
1 T coconut oil
Cinnamon, optional

Combine ingredients and whip until frothy.




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