Guilty Pleasure Foods – The Things I’m Ashamed To Like

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind. I can’t seem to separate my days and though I’ve been cooked every night except for a few, I feel as though I’ve hit a roadblock. Although I am only cooking for two people, you’d think I was cooking for a family of six – that’s just how I was taught to cook. Therefore, we have lots of leftovers in my house, meaning that at least two nights a week, dinner is just a smorgasbord of my creations. I grew up loving leftovers; food can taste so much better the next day. If I’m not in a mood to cook, which is rare, I’ll either finish off yesterday’s remainders or I’ll throw together a plate of fruit and raw veggies with a nice little side of cheese, usually brie or Camembert. However, sometimes you’ve just got to have those terrible for you, but oh so good things that you try keep out of your pantry. 

As I self-describe foodie, I’m embarrassed to say these low-grade, sodium-packed ‘foods’ are things I crave. I have a number of guilty pleasure foods, some from fast-food and some not. I suppose they speak to my upbringing in some way and why I like them is hard to explain but here are a few of the nasty things I like to sneak a bite of on occasion. 

Spam Nigiri

Okay. Yes. This is a picture of Spam musubi. Yes, I would indeed eat this. Much like Koreans, Japanese, Hawaiians, Filipinos and any Southerner with a background stamped with struggling to get by, I happen to LOVE Spam. Spam, Armor Treat, doesn’t matter. This weird canned meat can be so versatile. You do just about anything under the sun with it. It makes great sandwiches, kind of like a fried bologna sandwich. It goes works fabulously in a stir fry and goes great with eggs for breakfast. I like Spam. Sue me. 

Filet O’ Fish
Filet O' Fish

This is probably the thing I’m most ashamed to enjoy. I’ll get it may two or three times in a year, usually during a certain time of the month, which is when I tend to crave the bad stuff. Being from South Carolina’s Lowcountry, home of some of the most amazing fresh seafood in the country, it’s a wonder I’ll even put this thing in my mouth. The fish is questionable, it has the most insipid excuse for tartar sauce you could think of and a salty American single finishes it off. Nothing about the Filet O’ Fish is actually good. Despite all this nastiness, something about it tastes so bad it’s good. I even have a particular way I order it: typically, there is only half a slice of cheese so I order a Filet O’ Fish with extra, extra, extra cheese and light tartar sauce. 

Thin Mints
Thin Mints
Actually, I’m not one bit ashamed to like thin mints. And to be quite honest, I am completely obsessed with them. When Girl Scout cookie season rolls around, I turn into a thin-mint-seeking monster. I buy as many boxes as possible and I then hoard them. I never binge on any of my guilty pleasure foods and thin mints are no exception. My favorite way to enjoy these delights is dipping them in nice glass of ice cold water. Water, never milk. Milk gives me tummy aches and makes me gag. But the minty-ness with the water is oh so refreshing. Call me strange for it, most folks do. I’m so obsessed with thin mints I once skipped a three hour long class in college just to try and make a homemade version because my craving was so strong. They were good and it was worth it. 

Crab Rangoon
Crab Rangoon

Don’t lie. I know you have your favorite greasy thing to get from Chinese take-out place nearest your residence. Crab rangoons happen to be mine. Apparently if you pair questionable, crappy seafood with cheese and/or anything creamy, I’m hooked. They’re crunchy and creamy and have so much of that unami goodness. Give me three of these and I’ll be good for months.


2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure Foods – The Things I’m Ashamed To Like

  1. Everyone has guilty pleasures, it’s all good 🙂 I love corned beef (never had spam, but I figure it’s similar?), cadbury’s creme eggs and peanut butter straight from the jar. I am most definitely not built to be a skinny girl 🙂
    Thanks for the like on my blog!

    • Kirsty – imagine the saltiness of corned beef, which I also love, combined with a texture similar to a hot dog or bologna. I know it doesn’t sound appetizing, but it’s just one of those things 🙂

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