Meal Inspo




If you can’t tell, I adore peaches. Peaches encompass all the goodness and sweetness I associate with summertime. I’ll bet you didn’t know that South Carolina is the #1 peach producing state in the country. (If you’re including commercially grown peaches, California tops the list.) Historically, I am not a fan of canned goods of any sort, preserves/jams/jellies included. However I’ve recently had a change of heart and have developed a great appreciation for homemade preserves and I couldn’t resist snatching up these spicy peach preserves from the Waxhaw farmers market. This jar of tantalizing goodness inspired last night’s supper. I cook our supper every night (at least on weekdays, weekends we scrounge or eat out) and I’m not one of those foodies who puts a gourmet meal on the table every night. But what I fix is always well thought out and pretty darn delicious. Last night was one of those unspectacular evenings. I seared and sautéed a few thick, lean pork chops (seasoned with herbes de provençe and salt) in olive oil, roasted carrots and turnips with orange peel and fresh oregano and served up leftover Brussels sprouts and brown rice (garlic and chile powder) on the side. And to top it off, I added the spicy peach preserves to the pork while it rested in a covered pan. Let me tell you, the peach preserves and the pork chops? SO GOOD. The spice in the preserves was perfect with the chile powder and garlic in the rice and the bitterness of the Brussels sprouts balanced it all out so nicely. The carrots were key because pork and root vegetables are classic.

Although it wasn’t an exciting meal full of brilliant culinary innovations, it was balanced and satisfying and isn’t that the goal for every home cooked meal? I’d say it is.


Summer Fruit Cheesecake Pie

Most of the things I make are unplanned and I have a habit of making delicious concoctions that I never record and thus can never quite replicate in their original perfection. Hopefully this blog will remedy this problem. I’m notorious for eye-balling my measurements so if that part isn’t listed, don’t be think I forgot.

I spent this past weekend at my future in-laws home in Waxhaw, NC. They grow vegetables, have a number of fruit trees and raise a good many chickens. Since my favorite Saturday morning activity is exploring the farmers market, I ventured to the little one in Waxhaw. Although it is very small, I didn’t leave without some yummy treasures; the star being white peaches. Since I cook when I’m bored (or happy, sad, angry or basically any old time) and my Mr. Wonderful was busy staining my bench for our dining set, I decided I’d make a pie.



2 peaches (1 chopped, 1 sliced)

2 cups raspberries

8 oz cream cheese


Fresh mint


2 jumbo organic eggs

Whipping cream

Pie crust (homemade is always best but store-bought will work just fine)

How To:

– Bake crust for 15 minutes at 325.

– In a large mixing bowl, combine cream cheese, honey and eggs.

–  Add peaches and bourbon. Thoroughly combine.

– Stir in raspberries.

– Bake at 325 for 25 minutes or until done (cheesecake-like texture).

– Cool on wire rack for at least 30 minutes.

– Whip cream and then add in honey until well mixed. Chop mint and stir in.

– Cover pie with whipped cream and garnish with sliced peaches and a few sprigs of fresh mint.

– Cover and refrigerate.

It is best served the next day and just so happens to be the perfect summer pie.